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You Think My Prices Are Too High...

Cost of Procedures -

Clients think your prices are too high?

As we gain experience in the Permanent Makeup Industry, it is a natural progression that your prices increase during your journey. For those artists who continue to participate in continuing education as the industry changes, the natural programming is also to raise your prices.

Take pride in your education and experience. Price your services accordingly and if some questions it then explain it like this:

Dear [Client's Name],

I understand your concerns about the cost of our services. It's important to remember that permanent makeup and tattooing are specialized skills that require both extensive education and experience, especially when working on delicate areas like the face. 🎓

My commitment to providing the highest quality service is reflected in my continual investment in education and practice in this field. 🌟 When it comes to permanent changes to your appearance, choosing a highly trained and experienced professional is crucial for both safety and satisfaction. 💉👁

I truly believe in delivering value that matches the price, ensuring you receive the best possible outcome. 🌈

Thank you for considering our services, and I'm here to answer any further questions you might have.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

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