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PMU Collaborative

"The Collab" The most comprehensive PMU training in the industry

PMU Collaborative

Our mission is...

The mission of "The Collab" is to bring aspiring artists together. We are passionate knowledge sharers and highly educated instructors with vast experiences, creating a collaboration of artists who become successful and participate in a supportive community vs. a competitive community.

Mary Hall Scott and Laura McElroy, co-founders of PMU Collaborative
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Listen to Mary and Laura talk about “The Collab”

PMU Collaborative

"The Collab"

PMU Collaborative is an educational opportunity for new or experienced artists who want to take their career to the next level. 


It is the most complete, comprehensive program for PMU artists ever created! This is a 3 month online program with "live" zooms, private facebook page and unlimited support. All zooms are able to be viewed at anytime, as they are live in the private facebook group. 


Our students enter into the program and learn everything they need to run a successful PMU business. 


The curriculum includes: 

  • Business Acumen

  • Anatomy/Wound Care/Aftercare

  • Color Theory/Pigmentology/Fitzpatrick

  • Supplies /Machines/Cartridges

  • Tattoo Techniques

  • Advanced Tattooing

  • and much more......!


The program comes with a lifetime membership to PMU Collaborative. Students remain in the private facebook page after completing the program. Students are also eligible to attend any trainings and conferences held in the future for The Collab. 


Upon completion of the program students will be presented with hands on training opportunities. These opportunities are a separate training and not included in the price of the 3 month program.  


2024  Sessions:


Winter Session: Starts on January 3

Spring Session: Starts on May 1

Fall Session: Starts on September 4


Meet the Founders

Mary Hall Scott & Laura McElroy

Mary Hall Scott

Founder & Instructor

My background is extensive in both the corporate and medical professions. At the age of 30, I enrolled in school after many successful years in business. Entering the medical field as a Radiologic Technologist and a Radiation Therapist, I worked for over 15 years in emergency rooms, level one trauma settings and cancer centers. I also pursued my passion in the fitness industry, I embarked in health club ownership that lasted for more than 13 years. Although there have been many chapters in my life I have landed in a place that I adore. Currently I am a Cosmetic Permanent Make-up Artist and a Paramedical Tattoo Artist.

My mission is to provide clients with alternatives to look their best, enhancing the way they feel about themselves. I provide my clients a feeling of comfort, as they relax in a beautiful spa setting. As a make-up artist, I have an “eye” and "artistic talent”, that helps clients decide on the procedure that will be appropriate for them. My medical background gives me the knowledge and experience to assure my clients that the procedures are safe. My passion for this field continues to grow as my abilities allow me to help endless numbers of people. My portfolio of services includes both cosmetic and medical. This is a winning combination and my clients receive the full benefit of my experience and knowledge.

After years of experience I advanced my career by opening Permanent Makeup Designs Academy. I now have the incredible opportunity to teach artists both cosmetic and medical tattooing. I teach students from all over the United States. Due to today’s technology I also have international students. As an artist and an instructor I quickly recognized there were some gaps in our industry. I combined my physics education along with my practical knowledge and developed products for my industry such as unique tattoo cartridges among other items. I have a keen eye for new trending products, therefore, I combined that talent with my design skill set and created an international tattoo supply company. I bring together top notch products from leading distributors, combined with my products and deliver them to individual artists. Micropmu Tattoo Supply has now entered the arena of being a wholesaler as we have added distributors from around the world to carry out product lines.

Most importantly, while doing all of the above I am a mom of 3 children and a grandmother to 7 children. I enjoy biking, golfing, gardening and family time. Volunteer work has always been important and continue to do that when possible. I love warm weather and try to vacation during the winter in Wisconsin.

Mary Hall Scott

Mary Hall Scott, Artist, Educator, Co-Founder

Laura McElroy

Founder & Instructor

I have been in the beauty industry for over 24 years. Though my love affair with beauty and color has been going on since early childhood. I currently own a studio (Laura McElroy Beauty) in the Historic East Bank area of downtown Sioux Falls, SD, where I do services and am an educator and mentor.

I decided to pursue the beauty industry full-time after receiving my BS degree. While working for Estée Lauder and freelancing, I found my love for teaching people about makeup and skincare. I left Lauder to dive deeper into skincare and became an esthetician in early 2002.

I spent the next 10+ years working in the field, educating clients, and training makeup artists and estheticians in different techniques and services. I have been fortunate in working for industry giants, Estée Lauder and MAC Cosmetics, leading salon & day spas, and a plastic surgeon before heading out on my own completely in 2014.

My passion and purpose throughout my entire beauty career has been a combo of two things... helping people to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin and educating others with total transparency.

With my passion and purpose in mind, I knew I was not done. In 2017, I added another facet to my career, Permanent Makeup... followed by Scar Revision and Diminishing Stretch Marks in 2021.

I am a forever student. I love to learn and will continue to grow and evolve in this amazing industry!

I am thrilled to have founded PMU Collaborative with Mary Hall Scott and to be able to make a difference as an Educator/Coach/Mentor for "The Collab." I look forward to speaking with all of you!

In my free time, I like to drink coffee, watch the sunrise, read books (especially mystery/thrillers and self/business development), meditate, go to hot yoga and cycling classes, and spend time with my fur baby kitties, friends, and family. I have also been known to binge Netflix/Hulu.

Laura McElroy
Esthetician, Scar Revision/Diminishing Stretch Marks Specialist, Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, & Makeup Artist

Laura McElroy, Artist, Educator, Co-Founder
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