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Contributing Artists of the Members Library

Please feel free to reach out to any of the Contributing Artists for more information regarding their contribution to the Members Library, classes offered, or educational resources/products sold.

Taryn Quinterri, USA

Scalp Micropigmentation

Taryn's bio is amazing! It includes Areola's, Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Scalp, Scar Camouflage and Micro-channeling! She traveled all over the world to expand her knowledge and has been trained by world renowned professionals in the industry including Nataliya Yeremenko, Toni Belfatto, Alina Soloveva, Linda Dixon, Tina Davies, Doreen Lindgren, Anna Savina, Daria Chuprys, Teryn Darling, Will Anthony, Lanette Scherr, Rhonda Vacanti, Nancy Gagliardo, Joyce Carusoula, Jodi Stoski, Marjorie Winebrenner Grimm, Mary Ritcherson, James Olaya and more. You must go to her Bio under the Contributor section and read the full bio.


Texas Dela Rosa, USA

PMD Partner

Texas Dela Rosa has partnered with PMD Academy to help give the best education for beginners and pros in the PMU Industry.


He comes with over 20yrs in the beauty world, 15yrs in PMU, 7yrs in training, removals, laser, and many other skin treatments delegated in the medical field.


His passion is teaching and learning himself. In our forever changing industry it is one of the most important things to stay ahead of the curve and to keep up with all the latest trends.


He is based in the Austin, Texas area and School Director of Buda Cosmetic Institute, where he teaches private and small classes.


He also has a Facebook “Cosmetic Tattoo Professionals” group to help others learn and get proper tips and help in the PMU industry. There he posts weekly videos from topics of education to helping answer frequently asked questions from students to more advanced artists. He has a “no nonsense” approach and always gives solid/truthful advice. You will learn a lot from his many experiences in our field.


Rose Perez Prieto CPCP, LE, CCE - USA

Author: How Fitzpatrick & Melanin Influence the Cosmetic Tattoo

🙂 Rose Prieto began her career as an eyebrow and makeup artist, nearly 30 years ago during her years as a Theatre Arts major in college. It was her fondness for character development that inspired her interest in stage make-up, which led to her passion for manipulating the contours of the face, using shadow and light. Rose is a licensed cosmetic tattooist, esthetician and electrologist living in Miami, Florida where she owns and operates a private aesthetic practice, “Beauty and Brow Lounge”. Her passion within the PMU arena ignited when she began mentoring young artists. It was her love of educating and empowering others that propelled her to write her first PMU educational guide, “How Fitzpatrick and Melanin Influence the Cosmetic Tattoo”, which she has turned into an online course of the same name. As a published beauty writer and content creator (since 2013), Rose has dedicated her career to educating others through her knowledge of skin care and beauty. She is currently developing the second book in her PMU Useful Guide Series, “In the Skin”, and continues to host her own weekly podcast, “The Beauty Lounge”, where she empowers listeners to become the best aesthetic version of themselves (tune-in wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts!). To keep the conversation going, please follow Rose on social media @Beauty and Brow Lounge and @The Beauty Lounge Podcast or visit her website at


Carrie Maldonato, USA


Carrie, better known as "Cariangel," is a Master Practitioner in Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmenation. She specializes in areola tattooing, eyebrow/eyeliner/lip blush tattooing, and Microblading.


Carrie began her career in 1990 through making body art and by 2005 incorporated permanent makeup and areola tattooing into her repertoire. In 2011, she became a semi-retired tattoo artist and opened Cariangel's Cosmetic & Medical Spa where she offers all of her services under one roof.


Carrie Maldonato is a Licensed Esthetician in New York, a Licensed Tattoo Artist in the States of New York and Florida, and an AAM Certified Instructor.


Emily Ponte, UK


Emily Ponte is a highly successful artist and has gained a great reputation amongst her peers. Emily is extremely supportive with fellow artists, so much so she was in the top 3, for Most Supportive Artist 2020, at the PMU Circle awards. Along with over 23 years in the beauty industry, Emily has over 7 years experience as a PMU artist and has spent many years training with the worlds most sought after trainers, gaining a wealth of knowledge along the way, which has helped her in developing her own unique teaching style. As a testament to her skills, she has won several awards including ‘Highly Commended’ at the Safety in Beauty UK awards and Top 3 at the Micropigmentation UK awards for best PMU artist 2019. Through years of hard work & experience, Emily has created her own world renowned trademarked technique The BrowBlend®, and her online webinar has proved extremely successful. So much so, she will be releasing her brand new PowderBlend™ webinar before Christmas, which will be sponsored by multi-award winning GoldeneyeUk. Emily also offers 1-2-1 training for qualified artists to learn these unique brow styles, along with other advanced techniques for Lips & Eyeliner.


Becci Gibbons, UK


Becci Gibbons After enjoying 10 amazing years in the PMU world, Becci is now ready to share her experience and passion with others She is very honored to be featured on the PMD Academy alongside other artists she admires highly within the industry After being privileged enough to train with some of the industry’s leading experts and using the best products and equipment around, she went on to creating her own brow technique, the DiamondBrow™️ She now wants to help others be able to gain the same love for brows as she has... With her easy to follow technique that helps artists create 3 different styles with just the one technique/ one needle and one color, they will be sure to have an option for any client that walks through their door 𝓑𝓮𝓬𝓬𝓲 𝓖𝓲𝓫𝓫𝓸𝓷𝓼 𝓧


Layla Hinchen, UK


Layla Hinchen started her career in the beauty industry in 2003 and has run a successful and well established hair and beauty business since 2004. In 2006 Layla became an appointed permanent makeup trainer, teaching beauty to other salons and therapists across London, Kent and Essex. Layla now offers her own range of courses, providing one to one tuition and mentoring in permanent makeup and aesthetics. Layla is focused on providing the best permanent makeup and micro needling treatments. She trains in person and online. Layla always strives to make sure her students receive the best training, therefore giving them the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Gemma Bowers

Introduction to Gems Ink

Leah Richardson, UK

Pro Approach Pigment Science & Color Theory

Welcome to the CT Supplies Pro-Approach training platform. Here you will find high quality, in depth and knowledgeable education for you to access from the comfort of your own home. The concept of ‘Pro-Approach’ was born from our director Leah Richardson’s passion for having a thorough understanding of what it truly takes to be a professional permanent make-up artist. As professionals we should be expanding our knowledge to have a true understanding of the in’s and out’s of the products we use and treatments which we offer. Not selecting colours, needles or techniques just because, but truly understanding the science behind why these decisions should be made. Join us in taking the professional approach today and gain immediate access to our courses below.


Destiny Ward, USA

Owner of Browtique

Destiny Ward sees beyond the brow. With over 10 years of overall experience, she has mastered the art of creating brow shapes. Destiny specializes in working on individuals of color. She is an incredible artist who shares her passion, talents, abilities, knowledge and experience with so many other artist's! "I don't take the cookie cutter approach. As an artist, I take it upon myself to assess every client's unique needs. I consider their hair color, natural hair growth pattern and overall style & personality when creating the perfect brow shape and ultimately, uncovering their true brow potential."   -Destiny A. Ward


Jessie Dillon, USA

Building Your PMU Business With Instagram - Ebook Author

Hey! I'm Jessie Dillon: Business Owner, Educator, Wife, Mother, Friend, and Athlete… And somehow, I have real days off thrown in there, too! It might seem impossible, but I firmly believe that a lucrative, fulfilling, and balanced PMU career is ALWAYS within reach, and much closer than you think. In 2017, I was working in big box cosmetics sales. I was underpaid, unappreciated, and at a complete standstill in my life. Just two years later, I grew my PMU studio to six figures, and this is only the beginning. Developing a successful business is a never-ending journey. It ain't always pretty, but it IS always worth it. There will be roadblocks, risks, tears, and sacrifice… As well as opportunity, wins, excitement, and freedom. My mission within our community is to help fellow artists take full control of their businesses; To help them build a strong foundation, or shed new, transformative light on the basics. My affordable, online educational tools will help you work less, earn more, and expand sustainably. Now let’s get growing!


Naomi Fabio Cappello, UK

The Pixelated Brow

Naomi has been in the beauty industry for over 16 years and turned her passion of beauty to the aesthetics arena in permanent make up. Naomi was trained in micropigmentation in 2015 by Natural Enhancements Academy. She prides her self on utilizing the latest technologies to deliver the most effective treatments . By doing so Naomi achieves the best possible results for her clients. Naomi is always updating her knowledge with other accredited permanent makeup artists from around the world. Her passion is still very much with her clients. However, she is also passionate about educating. Naomi uses her incredible skillset to train students in the PMU industry. Naomi gives newly qualified PMU artists 1-2-1 training. This enables them to use what they have been taught, and allows them to offer their clients PMU at the same level as Naomi herself. She is incredibly conscientious of each students needs and strives to help each student become an individual artist, bringing out their inner self. She is incredibly passionate about healed results. Naomi is always updating her website and social media platforms to show case her work. She stresses the importance of the end/healed results to her students. Naomi has made many contributions to the PMU Industry, including development of her own techniques. The latest technique being the Pixelated Brow. She believes in creating techniques that will work for many and that are teachable to most students. Clients are benefitting all over the world from the work of Naomi. She is definitely an artist to follow and learn from. She is highly recommended and followed by artists all over the world.

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